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We love to hear from our horses new owners. Tom, the proud owner of Captain (formerly Paco), sent us some great feedback as well as some pictures.

Norma ,

Attached are some pictures of Captain and Drifter in the Pendelton Roundup Rodeo Parade this past week.

We had a great time at the Round Up . I am not much of a Rodeo fan, but enjoyed the parade and the Happy Canyon show.

We were quite honored to have the opportunity to pull a vintage Victorian carriage on leather suspension. This carriage is stored covered in a building, while most are kept outside. It had a stiff tongue, so we had to back up straight to hitch and it all went very well.

We felt very smug that our horses were very orderly hitching and standing for over an hour with hundreds of horses and wagons passing us to get into their spots. Captain has become quite a driving horse. We had a great time, all the work that goes into having a horse was repaid in that one day!

We wish to, once again, Thank You for your involvement in Captain’s upbringing.


Captain is the team member closest to the camera.